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Center of Attention

  Cujo here. Mom said I needed to display my picture here so that you all can picture me while I regale you with tales from the side of the mountain.  I am appalled at how old I look! How did this happen? My vision is not as acute as it once was, and I am almost glad about it. My once red fur is dull and look at all that white hair on my face! My eyes are glassy, and I have a sagging neck. I am not a fan of photo shoots! When Mom makes up her mind, though, you really have no choice. Bo decided to photo bomb the event. Mom asked him to please move, and he dug in and stayed right there. Mom says he is part demon. I believe her. I grew bored with it all. I wish I had not yawned. Mom is now talking about my teeth and scheduling a cleaning. I already have no front teeth. Again, I might as well just go with whatever Mom wants ... A nap was in order after the photo shoot. As you can see, Bo is still sitting right there. He always has to be the center of attention!

She Shed in the Woods

  This is my view from my kitchen window. The embankment. It would be hard to climb for people of a certain age, such as myself. Here is a different angle. I grabbed that tree, thinking to pull myself up. It was not a good idea, as I almost pulled it out of the ground! I am sure my grandchildren would not find the climb particularly difficult, But I will need some steps. This is a gentler slope. I am thinking steps here ... Looks like the first two are already in place! See the rocks on the right? Those steps. Why do I think I need steps? Because I want to nestle my She Shed up there in those trees. Would it be easier to just put it on the mostly level area out in the open? Why, yes, yes it would. But I want it on the higher elevation, in the trees. It will be so cute there.  A little cottage suddenly appearing with all my sewing and crafty doings all in one place. My escape. With a little picket fence in front of the tiny porch with a lone rocking chair and a dog bed. Okay, I will put

I Really Want A Slide!

  I am happy about the carport. It will be right here, where the RV is parked. As you can see that cute little shed will be hidden behind it. This is the shed I was going to use as mine. I could just see it with a little deck on the front with a low bench to sit on and a little rug from my own hands there for a canine to enjoy. But not hidden behind a carport! I need views! I need nature to inspire me. That shed is quite tiny and can hold something else entirely. Something having to do with maintenance, situated as it will be BEHIND THE CARPORT. Here it is, the stream. The picture does not do the steepness of the ravine justice. The water flows from right to left over the rocks and fallen trees. Look close on the left and you can see the white water rushing over some obstacle in the water. A different angle here. I am standing at the edge of the ravine looking almost straight down. Stay with me now, as I explain my vision. We need a deck down there in those trees. Or a tree house? Just

Get Poop Scooping!!

  Cujo here. Boy, do I have a tale to tell! Yesterday was like any other, the door was open and us dogs went in and out at our pleasure. Mom said several times that she needed to poop scoop our yard. She never got to it, though. She was out in the RV for a while and kept bringing stuff inside and putting it in the washing machine. She said it all smelled like dog. I took offense to that! Does she not appreciate our delicate aroma? All day long she was in and out like us dogs. She would load the washer and then the dryer. She finally made her last trip out there and announced that the RV was fit for occupancy. I must admit that I do not know this word. Did it mean we were going on another trip? I hope so, so I can doze by Mom's leg all day. She told HeWho is our dad that she was about to bring the slide out in, then wondered if she had unloaded the storage spot under the bed. She looked and found it to be full! She showed Dad her mixer and he immediately wondered about a cake. Then

Warm Weather Means Warm Dirt

  I have been busy here with the nice weather luring me outside. A recent trip to Walmart had me excited about all the plants that had just come in. I bought some tulips. I thought about getting bulbs, but they had them for $1 and there were 3 in each tiny pot. Some blanket flowers and Dianthus came home with me as well. We finally settled on the carport, and it should be here withing a month. It will house the RV and the car and have extra storage. This is all well and good, but my "yard" is shrinking! I don't want to go nuts planting stuff only to have to relocate it later. It is hard to describe our property. There is a somewhat level area that the house sits on, the porch overlooks the ravine, which is ours and I am not afraid to landscape it. It is quite steep, though. Then on the other side of the house is an embankment. Only a small strip of "yard" by that side of the house, then it goes almost straight up about 8-10'. There is our propane tank at the

Bear With Me

  Here he is, HeWho is my constant companion. We still have so much to unpack and organize, but we have no trouble taking off on a whim for an adventure. This is a kitschy store called Alexander's is in Blairsville. It was recommended by the ladies at the bank. I am looking for a small-scale sectional. I did not find one. This store is literally out in the countryside. Siri seemed to know where it was, and the drive was nice. The area was lovely with mountain views and pastures to look at. Looks like HeWho found a new friend! He is missing his old pals in Missouri, even if he is not missing Missouri. I met a neighbor at the mailbox today. Seems I was not out of line worrying about bears when Martha would not come inside. She told me not to leave my porch door open anymore, since a bear once got on hers and peered at her through the door. That would be a little upsetting and the canines would go nuts! I have a blueberry bush to plant and wanted to get some blackberry bushes, as well

Not Remodeling, Adjusting

I can't recall if I told you all what HeWho said to me when we purchased our tiny home. He said, "NO REMODELS". I giggled inwardly. He loved the property and kept reminding me just how small it is. I would always reply that he was not to worry, that I would make it work. I did not say that we wouldn't have to make some adjustments! The kitchen is miniscule. I failed to get a picture of the awful gold track and the opaque plastic light diffusers suspended from them. They had yellowed with age and were ugly, but worse than that they are hiding valuable storage space above the cabinets. No need to tell me I will need a step stool. I always need a lift to get to higher elevations. I have been short all my life. I am aware. The builders felt free to poke holes and drag wires all willy nilly across the ceiling. Just look at all that space! Some baskets or bins will hold, well, it will hold whatever my heart desires. Stuff not in use every day. Cabinet space is sorely lackin

Everyone Gets A Bath!

  Here is Dora in here new habitat. She is looking out the kitchen window. Her personality has come out a lot since we made our move. Hard to tell, but she is growing. She sleeps in her blue cave and will stick her head out to stare at me while I make coffee in the morning. Then she waits patiently for me to drink my coffee, knowing I will be back to offer her a special treat. The boy dogs and I sit on the sofa, and I sip my coffee while they nap tucked up against me. It is a whole new world for me and my canines that I have begun to refer to as my three sons (if you are close to my age, you will get the reference). No pressure to drink fast and get the day started, no phone to answer and have to jump up to take a reservation. I don't know who is happier, me or the dogs. Martha, the boy cat spent the night outside last night. He hid when it got dark and refused to come when called. He knows better! HeWho went out and scouted the yard and I called out for him. We left the door on th

I Can't Hear You

Life is different with retirement. Today we went grocery shopping. Together. This is usually a one-person event for me. I like to take my time and meander through the aisles, never knowing when I might see something I want to consider. You can also run into some bargains this way. I talk to myself, and answer questions other shoppers pose when looking for a specific item. I can usually direct them. I do not mind the intrusion of others so much, it's not like I will become their best friend and confidante and I can collect fodder for my blog. I enjoy my solitary task. HeWho wanted to push the cart. I like to push the cart. We ended up with two carts. Then he rushed me. I do not like being rushed when I am shopping. Does he suddenly think me incapable of doing this task alone?  I have a painful abscess on my gum next to the lasted root canal and crowned tooth. Since the root canal eliminated the nerves in the tooth, I knew it wasn't the tooth itself. I am blessed with an exemplar

More Strangers Coming Into My World

  Cujo here. Some men came today and fixed Mom's washing machine. She was quite pleased to be able to wash all the clothes and towels, but she said the vomit blankets could wait till tomorrow.  Not my fault all those blankets are a mess! That was Mr. BoJangles and his delicate tummy, then Eddie vomited ON ME! I was not happy about that and thought I was going to have to travel the entire way with vomit on my back. Mom stopped and cleaned me up. I love my mom. Speaking of Bo and his delicate tummy .... it must not be too delicate, since last night he ate HeWho is our Dad's hearing aids. Mom thought it was funny. He only ate the parts that go in the ear, not the unit with the battery. Mom would have taken him straight to the vet for that. I know I did not bother them, and Eddie was in the bed all night. I jumped out for a drink of water. Toni Louise is usually up and down a lot, but she was happy to snuggle between the pillows with the people in bed. Bo was up and down and up and

Repairmen and Deliverymen

  I am, as I have said before, not very proficient with anything pertaining to the internet. I like for my son to set it up and I go from there. I didn't bother my sweet boy this time and this is the result. Not really what I wanted it to look like, but until he comes to see me, it will suffice. By the time I sit down with my laptop, my brain is tired. Trying to make this tiny home stretch is a challenge. The fact that HeWho is not a big help is frustrating. "Tell me what to do!" he says. I won't post my responses here, use your imagination. I do give him small tasks with specific instructions before I go about the business of unpacking boxes and wondering just where I am to put the stuff. I return to find him in his chair watching TV and playing on his phone, the task undone and still right where I left it. He wanted slaw with fish last night. Not a big deal. The food processor is still residing under the bench seat in the RV until I can locate a place to put it, but


  Let's see if I did this right! Hopefully I will be able to add some pictures. Only one way to find out .... This is where it all started. On a rainy day in October, 2021. The first view of the rest of our lives. Here he is, the love of my life pondering this property he had proclaimed to be over our budget.  Here is the front view. The drizzling rain makes the house look like it needs a good power wash. Not to worry, we have one. While I am not a big fan of the screen door entry, this can be changed. This is the view that convinced HeWho proclaimed this property to be over the budget I had set to make an offer that very day. You can't see it from this picture, but a trout stream with rushing water hides down below. I will eventually get a good shot when I finally start to make some steps down to the water. We are old and do not want to fall and suffer any broken bones! The area behind the stream is never to be developed. This existing tiny shed will become my sewing room. I k