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A Christmas Trip Is Coming Up

  Mr. BoJangles here. Things are happening here at our house. My Mom has not been feeling so good. Seems like things just keep happening to make her feel bad. First she was dizzy and then she broke her tooth! Then she hurt her back and couldn't even sit on the sofa with us dogs. She had to lie flat in bed and she told Dad she couldn't figure out what hurt worse her mouth or her back. She could stand up, so she could still cook and wash dishes. I need to tell you that I was glad she could cook and wash dishes. Dad tries, but what can I say, he is just not as good as Mom in the kitchen! His dishwashing is not up to Mom's standards. Toni told me that if someone asks you to do something you really don't want to do, you just do a bad job and they will not ask you to do it again. This is a secret between her and Dad. I don't like to keep secrets and I bet she won't ask me to again! I am a quick learner, don't you think? Mom was grating carrots and she got a bad cu

Retirement, When You Do Nothing

  It has been a few days since I have been able to get into my blogger account. Am I being punished? Maybe! I tried to open a new account with a different email address and that failed miserably. I followed the "easy" steps provided and got stuck and could not get out. It was like an electronic jail holding my account hostage. Anyway, here I am. We celebrated 49 years of marriage this past Sunday. We went out to eat at an outrageously expensive restaurant. Still recovering from the the tooth extraction and now dizzy again, I wasn't all that enthusiastic about going out to eat. I went because the man I married, who now sports cow veins in his legs, wanted prime beef and they do not serve this on Sunday. Ignore the fact that rare beef is not supposed to be a part of his diet. I chose to eat the "special". It was steak and I ate about 1/3, bringing the remainder home. HeWho loves beef ate my leftovers yesterday. I did have a serving of She Crab soup that was excell

I Am Toothless, He Is Clueless!

  I have been locked out of my blogger account!! Maybe, had I not been so fuzzy headed I could have figured this out sooner. The tooth is out! Only took 40 minutes to dig it out. I was unaware of the time it took. I was blissfully indisposed under the influence of pharmaceuticals. Seemed like only a minute had passed when I was roused from unconsciousness. I think all dental procedures should be done this way! Last thing I heard was the surgeon saying we would have to rely on just the laughing gas, that my veins were too tiny. That made me laugh and I think I told him that was the only thing on me that was tiny! Since I am on an aspirin regimen, he was concerned about bleeding. He told HeWho was my chauffeur that I actually bled very little and he would have been happier had I bled more to form the clot. The clot was formed and I dozed on the way home. Now that the screaming nerve pain is over .... I was prescribed opioids for post surgical pain! Isn't that ironic? Other than being

The Good Old Days

  I have been taking 2 tylenol and 2 ibuprofen every four hours, as instructed. It does make the pain bearable, but it is still there. I had a consultation in Tennessee on the appointed day, last Thursday and have to be back there this Tuesday for the extraction. I will be completely under for this, thankfully. The appoinment is for 9:20 Tuesday morning. HeWho drives will not be lingering the day away in bed. It took an hour and 45 minutes to get there. He is not happy about getting up that early and I didn't even try for a later time. I would stay in the office and sleep there if it meant getting the tooth out quicker! It was a lovely day as we drove along the Ocoee River.  It was a pleasant drive, despite the tooth pain. We have a boat, but I doubt we would want to come this far just to get in the water. We are old, you know. I didn't get pictures of the rapids. They were mostly muddy rocks this time of year. I saw some rocks I wold love to see in my yard! No, I did not menti

The Half Tooth Lingering In My Mouth

  Yesterday was almost bearable with the tooth pain. I took aspirin, tylenol and ibuprophen, rotating them. Went to bed and finally turned the TV off at 11:30. The searing pain woke me at 4:30 am and I have yet to find relief. How much Orajel is too much to ingest? Should I be worried? It doesn't help much, but gives a brief respite. My appointment was today. I arrived with time to spare and had the X-rays done and then the dentist came in, asking about the left side of my mouth. The broken tooth is on the right side. The last root canal and crown I had done is infected!! He said it looked like it never completely healed and this was done over 2 years ago. Having established that, he took a peek at the broken tooth and said it would need to be handled by the oral surgeon. Okay, I already knew that. I used my finger to trace the area in acute pain. From the middle of the top teeth and up to the eye orbit and over to my ear and down to my neck and back up to the middle of my mouth on

A New Look

  Another appointment today. For HeWho. He has another appointment on Tuesday. I had forgotten which was which .... me not being at the top of my game. You might recall that about 6 weeks ago vertigo paid a visit, then before that was resolved (still having episodes), I threw my back out and ate the tooth I broke. As we approached the medical buildings, I asked which one we were expected to be at. The car slowed, as HeWho looked off into the distance. Given my luck lately, I figured he was either deep in thought or having a stroke. No stroke, but no matter how deep he dived into his mind, he failed to be able to tell me where we were supposed to be. We were closest to the cardiologist, so we stopped there first. To the great amusement of the staff, we were at the wrong office. Why is this funny? Because he has missed the last THREE appointments. She was giggling as she asked if she should print out another reminder. I told her I was in control now and promised to have him show up on Tu