Hear Me Roar

  Just when you are looking forward to a semblance of normal ..... I told you about our trip, leaving from the doctor's office in Gainesville, then heading south to Perry. The Patient drove the RV and I took my usual position in the back with the dogs. I could tell he was a bit rusty on the way to Gainesville. I like to have the window shade up enough to look out and I could tell where we were. We had come through the mountain pass, when I looked out to see scenery I was unfamiliar with. "Where are we?" I asked The Patient (aka HeWho drives). He told me we were outside of Helen, that Siri was taking us a different way. I am not a fan of alternate routes when we have an appointment, but there we were. He must have assumed that we were out of the mountain curves and he increased the speed. He took one curve so fast I was slung to the floor. He slowed and pulled to the side of the road as he asked if I was okay. Normally I would have carried on a bit about his criticism of m

Meantime ....

  In case you were wondering what I could be up to while The Patient was recovering ....... I searched online for containers for my dry goods that matched. Mind you, I was not prepared to spend a lot of money on them. I had lots of clear plastic containers I had harvested over the years, along with some glass ones. Glass would be preferable, as I think it might keep things fresher. On the other hand, my hands are not as capable as they used to be and when you drop one, it is more likely to shatter. That would mean losing a container as well as the contents. Not many of the ones I had collected were the smae size. Some were round and most were square. They took up more space than the new ones and space is at a premium here. I searched and searched. I found some likely candidates on one site, they were a little over $1 each and weren't exactly what I wanted, but I made a mental note and continued with my search. After all, it was a quiet activity and I couldn't very well leave th


  The trip home began with a stop at Buc-ee's. In case you are unfamiliar with Buc-ee's. It is a place to gas up and shop and eat! It is like the Mall of America of fuel stations. The parking lot was full. We were there for fudge. The Patient decided he wanted fudge ..... from Buc-ee's. We didn't need fuel. They have a nice dog walk and poop bags in a dispenser. Unfortunately, my dogs did not take advantage of the facilities, preferring to do their business later in the trip. Inside was equally crowded and The Patient gathered things to eat. He got a couple of BBQ Brisket sandwiches and, of course, fudge. I wanted to take more pictures, but as soon as The Patient procurred stuff to fill his belly, we were on our way. The trip was uneventful and we made it home without incident. Trip over, The Patient was content to sit in his chair. Me? Well, there was much to tend to. Laundry is still going as I write this. Since we left so early, I had a bed to strip and everything Th

Baby Butts!

  Let's talk about the cuteness of baby butts! I am totally smitten with these boys! My arms feel empty now that we are home. Tiny little feet and toes! Josiah and Jonah. Not identical, but still hard to tell apart unless you are looking directly at their faces. Precious little bundles of love. I had such a good time getting to know them and their Mom. We left here early last Tuesday and stopped at the surgeon's office in Gainesville. The Patient was relieved of his unwanted appendage (aka: Nasty Bag). He looked so scared sitting on the edge of the exam table waiting for the surgeon. He was anticipating much pain to accompany the withdrawal of the drainage tube. He was surpised that nothing hurt and we were soon on our way south. He was still not eating much and I was a little worried as we hurtled down the road. Going through the mountain was an experience in the back of the RV, with the dogs. He took one curve a little too fast and I ended up in the floor! It is easier to hol

The Rest Of The Story

  I will pick up the rest of the story for Bo. Oh, this is Toni Louise. So, as you know by now, my man human came home from the hospital. He was so crabby! He did not appreciate my attempts to greet him. I tried to give him a big kiss, so I jumped into his lap and he acted like I stabbed him or something. Lady human came quickly and lifted me down to the floor and told me that my master sill had a lot of pain and to try and stay out of his lap! To add insult to injury, he has a bag of stuff hanging from a tube that is coming out of his belly! I just wanted to investigate that bag and see what was in it and lady human yelled at me! I showed her, I hid behind man human's chair where she couldn't get to me. I could still hear, though. Eddie sat in her lap and Bo sat beside her while they all chatted and watched TV until we went to bed. Man human reverts to childhood when he is sick. He moans and groans and lady human runs hither and thither to bring him whatever he wants. Lady hum

The Cute One Speaks

  Remember me? The cute one, that's me. Things have been really scary here. Us dogs were so confused. My mom left here with our dad (she keeps calling him The Patient and this is also very confusing because he is not very patient!). She came back home that night after dark! Alone! Us dogs had plenty of questions, but we let her get a shower and eat some food, then we went to bed. She was holding Eddie and Toni Louise was sniffing Dad's pillow. She even stuck her head under the pillow, like she though maybe he was there! I was playing a game with all the extra pillows on the bed and jumping from one to the other. Dad won't let me do this, he always says that the bed is for being still and sleeping. She told us that Dad was in the hospital again. Why does he like to stay in a hospital so much? Is this going to keep happening? She said that Dad is sick again, but not in his leg, in his tummy. I feel really bad for him. I have had a tummy ache before and I did not like it! I th

Time For A Trip

  While The Patient has been indisposed, the household trash has been piling up. I had put the bags in the trailer of the golf cart after the cans were full. Bears or other nocturnal beings have had a free dinner and left quite a mess. You see, in the seperation of powers, and duties; the trash is not my responsibility. I have been to the dump on occasion with The Patient, but didn't really pay much attention. We tried to have trash pick-up, but it was iffy and we would often find a big mess at the beginning of our road where we were told to deposit the bags for pick-up. The guy would have all manner of excuses. He forgot, he was sick, he decided to choose a different day to pick up .... I did clean up the mess and rebag it a couple of times, but this morning I asked The Patient how he was feeling and if he thought he could go to the dump with me. He was agreeable, so he dressed and I headed out with fresh bags to contain a months worth of trash and garbage. We loaded the back of t