Raining, Again

  The past week or so has been a blur. Unable to sleep, I have been muddling through each day in a daze. No accomplishing much of anything. I harvested 3 tomatoes and now the plants are leafless. My garden seems to have been invaded by bugs I can't see and none of my remedies are working. While I am without any impetus to do anything, HeWho is starting new projects and always looking for something to do. My thoughts are that he could FINISH some of his pojects, but what do I know. Another visit to the clinic this morning. More blood drawn and still looking for a solution to my current status. I seem to be at the bottom, looking up. In addition to all my other symptoms, I can't sleep and walk  stagger around like a drunk person, making me afraid to ascend the steps to the embankment where my happy place is. I slipped on the rock up there a few days ago and fell in a most interesting way. My right leg was bent under my butt and the left was straight out. My knee was full of grave

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo .....

  This morning was so nice, 69 degrees with a nice breeze. Perfect to work outside. It is only 81 right now and I would still be outside if not for the noise. I spread 10 bags of mulch and then went on to cutting down more small dead pines. I was in my happy place when suddenly I hear a helicopter. A helicopter with a saw balde hanging down to cut the trees along the path of electrical wires on the roads. It was in the distance, just a buzzing annoyance. We ordered a pavilion topper for the deck and it arrived yesterday during the rain. I called HeWho was still abed and he came out to the nice cool weather to assemble the contraption. I helped carry all the parts up to the deck and unwrap all the packaging, not wanting to chase it in the wind to properly dispose of it. He is single minded and it would not occur to him to bag it as he went. I went back to my chore of raking and trimming trees when the noise got louder and suddenly I could see the huge blade swinging down over the trees

Why Do I Have To Be The Adult?

  I spent last night with my two best friends, insomnia and indigestion. Sitting upright helps with the stomach acid, so I got up and made some tea and sat sipping until the tea was stone cold. I read blogs, I played games. Watched TV, hoping for sheer boredom to make my eyes close.  I finally went back to my bed at 4:30 this morning and lay there watching light fill the bedroom. I did not check the time, but the sun was up before my eyes finally closed. I slept until 11:30. That was really pushing the boundaries of dog bladders, so it came as no surprise to encounter a puddle on the floor. Toni Louise just couldn't contain her bladder. Not her fault. She was not even scolded. But, did she have to avoid the giant pee pee pad adorning the floor adjacent to her puddle? Still, she is as old as I am and was probably quite anxious to relieve herself. I cleaned it up and made coffee. HeWho sleeps, but swears he was awake all night, arose from his slumber and announced that he was going f

Changing Sheets

  I find myself on the upswing of my mental disease today. I have accomplished much today in this unrelenting heat. I pickled some red onions, watered and watered again. Dug up and replanted a half dozen gladiolas and weeded the vegetable garden. I tend to be very productive when my mind is racing as it is, so if this post is somewhat disjointed ..... I cleaned the house and did 2 loads of laundry. Changed the sheets on my bed, which is always a challenge in the tight confines of my bedroom. I always have high hopes when I put clean sheets on my bed. I hate wrinkles in my sheets and go to great lengths to prevent them from happening. I bought these elastic straps with hooks, think garter belts from long ago, supposedly garateed to prevent the sheet from moving. Those of you who are young won't be able to imagine this. I put ones with 3 clasps at the top corners of the sheet and recently purchased a long one that runs under the bottom of the mattress and hooks to the sheet with the

Writing Was My Best Friend .......

  As happy as I am that HeWho is becoming more active and interested in doing things, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just do everything myself. But what would I have to complain about if I did? Yesterday, after working in the various gardens and finishing my fence I built from the small trees I cut down and scraped the bark from, I came in to avoid the midday sun and heat. The nights are cool here, in the 60's, but around 1 PM, the heat becomes intense and I take advantage of the cool indoors. As I sat reading email and drinking ice water, HeWho is usually a stranger to the kitchen was washing dishes and making a pitcher of ice tea. Or, is it iced tea? Anyhoo, he was attempting to put the lid on the plastic pitcher. He was getting aggravated because he said it didn't fit. He was pounding on it with his fist. I decided to take over before he knocked the entire contents onto the floor. If he did and cleaned it up, I can guaratee the floor would still be sticky until I mopp

As My Garden Grows

  Here I am. My photos refuse to download .... again. I think it is my phone and I am sure if I called verizon to see what may be causing this, they will suggest a new phone. You know, an updated version. I HATE new phones. I am old and do not enjoy new things. Well, unless it is a plant. Speaking of plants, my gardens are finally filling out, just like I knew they would. I may have told you all that it would take three years before they started to spread. I was going to display pictures for your viewing pleasure. The crepe myrtle tree located at the top of the drive, just beyond the chainsaw frog is looking quite healthy, towering above the small azalea I planted at the end of the season last year. The iris start there, beginning with the deep purple bearded ones, then on into the lavender, then yellow. As they began to fade away, the yellow day lilies took over the task of providing color. Coreopsis is alive with their own yellow and white flowers. As the daylilies are beginning to p

Just Sad

  We went out to dinner with some friends visiting the area. My mood was light and we had a wonderful time catching up with a couple we had not seen in over 20 years. We picked them up at the campground they were staying and off we went to one of our favorite eating establishments. The men chatted in the front and the women in the back seat. Isn't that always the way it works?  We talked about our dogs, of course. They have two and are equally enchanted with theirs. It was still early as we drove them back to their camper, so we went the long way in order to see most of Lake Chatuge. We were on one of the busy roads along the lake when tragedy occurred. Sometimes, when sitting in the back seat, I don't notice much outside, but we were pointing out things of interest. I saw it before HeWho drives did. The speed limit is 45 and traffic was moving along at that pace. I saw the dog on the passenger side of the road heading towards the road. A medium size black dog ran right into th