Another Stove Story


Another stove story!! No worries, it is working as it should. This is about the stove top. Given the size of my tiny kitchen, there is very little counter space ... or cupoard space, for that matter.

Anyhow, HeWho is a big fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as well as ice cream and bologna sandwiches in the evening hours. He will use my stove as his prep space. While that is okay, the crumbs fall on the stove and an occasional smear of peanut butter will end up on a burner cover. He, of course, does not bother to clean up his mess. That would be shocking for me!

To get all of the crumbs and whatever else has fallen, it requires taking the stove top apart, removing the burner covers and the grill to wipe up the leavings of HeWho doesn't notice such things. So, I decided I needed a stove cover. I priced them and decided I could make one and did not need to buy one.

We have all manner of wood around here from various projects, so I measured the area and then went out to search my scraps. Two pieces had to be glued together and secured, but the wood is lightweight and perfect for my purposes. It only took two days to explain HeWho fancies himself a builder what I was about to do.

After poo-pooing my endeaver and saying to just buy one, he finally just cut the wood according to my measurements. Now, I am perfectly capable of cutting wood with the jigsaw I have hidden in my She Shed and was more than willing to do so. But, try though I might, I could not get him out of my house long enough to haul the saw down and complete my sawing.

Then he took over my project. Wood glue and clamps and a lot of sanding ensued before he declared it "ready" for whatever I was going to do. He was going to purchase some trim to frame it out, but I had some lattice pieces that worked just fine.

I am quite pleased with my colorful depiction of mountains and that yellow ball in the "sky" can be the sun or the moon.

I just finished an epoxy coat atop the paint and tomorrow will see it on my stove. Then I will be able to pick it up with all the crumbs and other things from HeWho's midnight snacks and walk out the door and dump it in the yard for the birds.


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