What Do You Mean?


HeWho builds would appear to be thinking .... I hope he is thinking about the crooked piece on the left side, I know I am. When HeWho comes up with an idea for a project, he is all systems go and rarely bothers to think about alternatives to his ideas. He is all set to get this done.

I, on the other hand do not care for this railing he has come up with. I didn't say so because this has sometimes backfired on me and he has abandoned projects altogether. Better to let him finish, then find a way to work with it. I would have used some laurel wood with its twisty nature. Not to mention that we have plenty in the woods and it would be free.

He has now decided to remove the original stairs up the embankment and turn them over, you know the way they were meant to be. The treads are not wide enough for my feet and I have small feet. I haven't said a word, but I realized it was wrong when he first installed them. Sometimes, if I wait long enough, he will figure things out on his own. There will be stairs all the way to the deck.

Meanwhile, as he thinks, I have been seeding grass. Yesterday he brought 10 more bags of top soil for me to work with. Since the bags were half the size of the original bags, they didn't go as far as I wanted them to go. The area where the hose is laying is covered and on the other side of the stepping stones. Just a small area left. I had just finished sprinkling seed when the first raindrop fell last night. The rain came down steadily for a good while. Perfect timing. Look close and you can see that there are patches of tiny grass seedlings poking up.

This project has caused daily trips to the home improvement store with the truck pulling the trailer. You may recall that HeWho backs down the drive. All well and good when he is not dragging the trailer behind him. See the hosta bravely surviving? There were many other hostas. See the tire tracks that ground the hostas I so carefully lined the driveway with? I planted them right on the edge of the ground next to the driveway for several reasons. One being because I could. Two, to help with erosion that is slowly washing the dirt away from the side of the asphalt driveway. And that leaves three, because I liked the way it looked. 

I took the garden rake to see if I could find some remnants of the hostas. They are pretty resiliant and I was hoping to rescue some roots that would grow. I found nothing. It is like the dirt was run through a filter. I suppose they are down that wooded slope and I am not venturing down. I did ask HeWho assaulted the hostas if I should dig the rest up and plant them elsewhere ...... "What do you mean?" said the man who murders hostas.


  1. You do have adventures with your different spring endeavors! Good luck with grass where you want it...and hostas as well. Too bad they hadn't taken root yet, as they are pretty resilient, but not when smashed down. Keep up the good work!

    1. The hostas continue to suffer under truck tires in my next post. aving just finished coffee I am about to go out and rescue what I can and rehome them to another location.

  2. When I saw "I took the garden rake..." I was relieved to see that you didn't take it to persuade HeWho into altering his projects right then!

    1. We seem to be on the same page, you and I!! Having to do something with being married to clones of a certain type of man!!


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