Time To Play Outside


This is the garden I mulched yesterday. It is on the side of the deck that faces the driveway. The flamingoes glow at night and there are some lighted bees along the ground near the plants. Two gardenia bushes and an azalea are there. I dug up and split some tiger lilies I had planted behind our house. I put them there until I could decide exactly where I wanted them to go. It is nice to have them in a place where they can grow and spread until I need a filler plant. I am also nurturing hosta and some daylilies there, along with watermelon growing there.

Meanwhile the grass I planted is coming up! I have been keeping it wet, and it has been raining nearly every day. I am looking forward to some lush and think grass. The entire yard is seeded. If we take a short trip now, I might come back to a real lawn!!

But, before I will even consider a trip (north, this time), I think HeWho should complete his deck project. He seems to be at a standstill. Part of the deck rail is up and then he pivoted to connecting the stairs to the deck to the stairs to the embankment. It is not at all what I wanted. I would show a picture, but once again the download is stuck in purgatory.

Time to go out and play in the dirt ....


  1. What a great looking small bed (not small when you're working on it of course) and I love the last bit of info that there's also a watermelon plant in among all the other things. The flamingoes will like that!

  2. Your hard work is paying off. I hope HeWho has a deck epiphany soon.

  3. Glowing flamingos and lighted bees! Plus a watermelon! You could almost charge admission to admire it.


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