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Impressive, right? This is my driveway, that is our truck and our trailer. After backing down this drive every day for the past two weeks with a trailer attached, HeWho must have decided to scare his wife and demolish my hostas all at the same time.

Upon awakening today, HeWho announced his many tasks. First he had to go check on the boat at the welder's. It has been awaiting attention for some time now and needs to be at the place that will check out the other parts to make sure it is water worthy. I nagged incessantly gently suggested since the month of Februrary that HeWho get the boat to the shop and not wait until they are so busy.

First trip of his day was to the welder. Boat was promised to be ready YESTERDAY. It hasn't been touched. Second trip of the day was to pick up the boat. Why he didn't pick it up on the first trip will remain a mystery, since he doesn't know. I was under the impression that he would pick the boat up and take it to the next place. I am very impressionable it would seem.

Upon his return, I had finished mulching a garden and mowed the back yard and was cleaning up the kitchen and deciding what I would cook for tonight. I was hot and sweaty and dirty. "Want to go to Home Depot?" asks the man who likes to spend the day driving. I surprised him by saying yes and went to shower and make myself presentable knowing I needed some grocery items from Walmart.

Imagine my surprise to see the boat next to my shed. I thought he had told me the boat had an appointment, no, I KNOW he did. I was in a good amount of pain from my morning of yard work. A couple of days ago I tripped on a stump and fell to my knee. My left knee, aka my good knee. Now both knees hurt. But wait, there is more.

Sciatica has been my companion for the past several weeks. I have lidocaine patches to use and they work quite well ...... unless I am drenched in sweat. I am not quite done. I am pretty sure I broke a small bone in my foot when I dropped my phone at an odd angle, causing it to land on a corner, right below my toes. Swollen and painful. Wrapping it in an ace bandage alleviates most of the pain.

And, in answer to your questions, no, I am not going in for an x-ray. It just needs to be immobilized and I can do that myself by keeping it wrapped.

So, off we went. While he was supposed to be returning some wood and then getting the correct size, I meandered through the garden center. I rarely buy anything in the garden center at Home Depot since they never put plants on clearance. I find this offensive! They told one lady who asked that they simply threw the plants away, rather than mark them down. So wrong.

Their trees were way over priced and I ended up helping a lady choose some plants to put around her pool area and tell her what pots to get and how to pot them. HeWho picked me up. The boards were still on the trailer, but I assumed they were a different size. He discovered that they had been purchased at another store, so we didn't have to drag that trailer behind us, after all.

Went on to Walmart. I checked the clearance in the garden center and scored some lemon grass. Six plants for $6. I plan to put them around the new deck, supposed to repel mosquitoes. We shall see.

While awaiting the arrival of AAA, I cooked dinner and we ate and I put away the leftovers and do not intend to do another thing this day!

Let's take a closer look. He unhooked the trailer after finally deciding that the truck was not coming out of the soft sandy ground. You can see this is about where the treeline starts and where I planted ferns and hosta last year. I was younger then and very naive, thinking they would grow nicely there in the tree shade and beautify my driveway.

In the other ditch on the other side you will see the drainage pipe purchased to facilitate draining rain water. Part of it was never placed correctly before he dumped rock on it, well at it. If you keep going down the drive you will see that it is totally collapsed. In other words, it doesn't work. At all.

Look closely at the survivors I will dig up and put elsewhere. Am I happy? No, I am not. The truck is full of groceries, some cold items, some frozen. I can't exit the truck on my side. It is quite a drop out the passenger door. I have to exit the driver's side and with my current maladies, it was very interesting. I am most thankful that no one witness my egress, save for the man I married. It was not graceful.

This was on my side of the truck. Hard to tell in a picture, but that is about a 10' drop down to that road below. HeWho called AAA and just sat there. I reminded him that we had perishables on board and he said we would get them as soon as the truck was pulled out. This happened before 5 o'clock and it is 7:30 now. Probably a good thing I was there. I grabbed what I could carry down the drive and returned with a wagon to load the rest. The man was still with his vehicle and finally was forced to help me unload the truck of groceries so I could put them away. The truck is in our driveway, for heaven's sake. Nobody is going to bother it and I see no reason to stay with it. But, that's just me, the voice of reason.


  1. OMG! What a wild adventure of a day! Glad you achieved some yard work first, and then groceries finally. All the weaving around the mis-adventures of your HeWho! There are days like that. Just sorry about all your aches and pains. Rest a bit, will you?

    1. He does provide me with lots of material to write about. The foot is keeping me down, but I did manage to rescue some hostas. They were pretty mangled, but the roots look strong. They will probably look right as rain next year. I can't say as much for the asphalt cunks of driveway that got ripped out when the wrecker pulled the truck out. No worries, I will used that to my advantage. When the repair on the driveway happens, I will suggest that we might as well do the inside of the carport. You see how my mind works? By the time I am done with my subtle hints, HeWho will think it is his idea!

  2. What in the Not-Heaven??? Can you not stop backing a trailer when it goes off the driveway? Just stop! No need to get the truck off the driveway also. Pull forward and give it another try. Then again, I have never backed a trailer down a driveway...

    At least you have a plan to further improve your property when the eventual driveway repair happens! Sorry you had to contort yourself to escape the truck. Good thing you had enough common sense to unload your perishables, rather than sit 2.5 hours waiting on a tow truck!


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