No Place Like Home

 Remember when I first posted pictures of my grand-nephews? Seems like yesterday, doesn't it? I thought I was enchanted then, but they are walking and talking now!

Always a little shy when time has gone by when they see me, but they warm up quickly.

Josiah is sleepy here. He is the calm one, the thinker. Just like his Daddy. But he looks like his Mama. He is tender and cuddly, so sweet.

Here's his brother, Jonah. Never thinks ahead, just runs! Too busy to be held and looks just like his Daddy when he was a baby. Takes me back in time to see his face!

The best pictures did not load, of course. We had a wonderful day with the babies and the rest of the family. My nephew picked up six blueberry bushes for me and I forgot them, so we had a brief visit on the way home. HeWho drives was chomping at the bits to get going and get home. He totally cut off my baby love fest! I told Josiah that I was going and he shook his sweet head and said "No". Jonah was busy escaping and running away from his big sister. 

The trip was quite pleasant. We drove to my sister-in-law's house the first day. Just a short trip of 4 hours. The next day we continued south to spend the night at my nephew's. The next day was only about three hours to my daughter's house.

Of course we encountered some issues during our time away and I will be sharing those with you. But for now I will say that I am so happy to be home! There really is no place like home! We stayed in a park last night and I gave the RV a much needed cleaning. Slept so much better than I would in the clutter! Showered this morning and when we arrived home I gave my turtle a nice bath and cleaned out both her habitats, watered my gardens and mowed my grass. I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed!


  1. Oh my gosh! How time flies. That's a couple of cuties! So glad you got to see them. Can't wait to hear your tales of the trip.

    1. They are cute, for sure! I got lots of wet kisses!! Kept calling myself Gramma to them. Old habits die hard!

  2. They are little cuties. My twins haven't learned to say 'No' yet as far as I can tell, I've never heard it from them anyway though they say lots of other things.
    It ois always great to get home, no matter how much a visit is enjoyed, home is where the sleep is best.

    1. I slept so well last night! Those babies have me bewitched! Jonah started saying please "pees", but couldn't stay still enough to say it for me. They plan to vacation up here in the fall, but that is so far away!!

  3. Replies
    1. So sorry the blueberry bushes didn't make it home with you. Your little ones do look so sweet (and full of energy)! Yes indeed to getting back into your own bed!

    2. Oh, the blueberry bushes made it! We went back the same way so that we could stop and get them. We had planned to go a different route, just because we could, but I was not disappointed to get more baby time!


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