Moving To A new House Would Be Easier

 The big day has arrived! I herded the canines into my bedroom to await the new stove. Now, keep in mind that they could have simply sent a repair out to change out the one burner that did not work. Hold that thought ......

Instead of simply repairing an other wise fine stove, they insisted that they should REPLACE it. And, the replacement is TODAY. I am in my bedroom with my furry babies as I listen to a very frustrated HeWho trying to remove the door in order to get it through the only opening that will take it outside. Delivery men refuse to assist and even suggest coming back at a later date! My new stove is sitting just outside their truck on the ground, still in the box causing me to thing to myself "What the not heaven (thanks Val)".

Do we now have to go and muscle that thing up the steps and onto the porch ourselves?? I went out to assist. Not much assistance, as I kept jumping back to protect the gouty toe. I returned to my confinement, realizing that I was annoying HeWho. To his credit, he did not lose patience with me. He saved his frustration for the delivery guy just standing there.

Delivery supervisor called. We are holding up the days deliveries. The man did not come right out and say so, but one would have to be a complete idiot to miss it. The man on the phone suggests, in a most pleasant tone that we should, perhaps try a different avenue of escape, like a back door. We do not have one. The other way out is via the fire escape window in the bedroom.

I applaud my husband's attempt to remain polite, because my patience is totally gone and I may have been a lot less than pleasant on the phone. I need to say, at this point, they will not be able to simply fix the burner that was not working and sell this unit, as the oven door that refused to simply lift off is in pieces. We would have dismantled the door and removed the handle which was preventing the stove from exiting my door, but, the screws were stripped.

It is quiet now. I did hear some glass shatter. Could have been the window to the door or something in my house. Don't know and will not leave my room until called out.

Who knew that a new stove would create such chaos. This may just be the most annoying Christmas gift EVER!

What I find baffling is that had this been an electric stove, the delivery men would have brought it into my house and set it up. But, because it is gas, they say they are not allowed to do anything other than deliver onto the porch. Seems odd to me. We are not asking them to change it from natural gas to LP, but why can't they bring it inside?

I am almost afraid to go out and see what the damages are to my floor and door and anything that got knocked down.

We managed to get the new stove in place by dismantling the door to get the handle out of the way. Have I ever mentioned the short attention span of my husband? Very short. Add to his utter frustration with the delivery men and he was muttering about people not willing to do their jobs while dismantling the door. 

Soon we were inside and he was putting the door back together when his wife told him it was not right. I was feeling brave and ready to explain the error of his ways. Add to that short attention span .... impatience. He had put the outer glass of the door on the inside and I was pretty sure it was supposed to be on the OUTside. He argued, I nodded, then showed him all the evidence that proved him wrong. He put it together his way, despite my opinion. Then he looked at his work, which had that glass moving to and fro with the motion of the oven door. He conceded that I might have been right. DUH!

We proceeded to unassemble and reassemble that door four times. He tried to shortcut it every time and the glass would either flop open at the top or slide down when he shut the door. I even suggested that he take a break and let me deal with it. My mind was all about solutions that included taping the glass in place rather than me bending over and trying to hold all the components together while he put he screws in. But, no, that was not on his agenda.

The delivery was at 8:30 this morning and now it is 12:30. He has gone to the hardware store for a new bit, I suppose. I didn't ask. I just hauled my aching back and toe and now thumb to the shower. Water therapy, you know. Showers make everything better.

Because he likes highspeed drills, he managed to strip the screws and can't get them out now. He also managed to slam my thumb in the door. The same thumb I slammed the RV door on Christmas day. The blood trapped under my nail is slowly growing out and there is no doubt that I will lose that thumbnail as soon as it gets to the old blod clot. Sooner now, because it caught the tip of my thumb today and I am sporting a new blood clot on the end of my thumb.

My back, my toe and now my thumb are aggravated and throbbing. This stove adventure has been a bit much. I told HeWho gifted this stove to me that if another appliance goes out, we will just move. It will be faster and easier!


  1. You're welcome for the not-heaven! I'm hoping you will have a working stove in time to cook Christmas dinner.

    1. I cooked last night!! I used the oven and the burners, you know, like normal households. Baked a pie this morning and made biscuits for the unhealthy man to go with his sausage.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I accept! All is good now, except for the floor that got some deep scratches. Just more ammo for the addition!

  3. Ye gods and little fishes! (Don't think that will offend anyone) But it is appropriate to continue to be awestruck by this saga of the new stoves! Yes, plural. And I don't remember how many now, do you?

  4. I also have much sympathy. Would it be too much trouble to actually enlarge the house door opening to prevent such future problems? I don't see why the delivery men couldn't deliver the stove to where it should go, the kitchen! Or at least help.

    1. I am pretty sure the wording on the contract said "delivery and INSTALLATION". The door issue will be addressed with an addition to our house. Our front door will be a 36" door, which is pretty standard. The sliders will be reused as a back door and the opening will serve as an avenue into the house from the addition. I have finally convinced HeWho to get some estimates so we can begin. Baby steps ....

  5. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.........

  6. so do you have a new functioning stove now?

    1. I do! Already cooked quite a few meals. Only bad thing was HeWho dropping the oven rack on my gouty toe that is now sporting a bruise!


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