It Will Grow Out

 When last we spoke, I was anticipating company. HeWho asked me to cut his hair and trim his beard. I was otherwise occupied with dishwashing. He offered to wash the dishes, but I figured it would be easier to just do them right and not have to redo them.

I was a little on the tired side when I finally located the clippers and accessories. I asked HeWho to get them, but, as usual, he acted like he didn't live here and could locate nothing. Then, he grabbed a dish towel and wrapped it around his shoulders! Sometimes I wonder about his train of thought process. I removed the towel and got out one of the dog towels to drape the man with. Who, in their right mind would think a towel used in the kitchen would be a good vessel to catch hair in?

So, it was in this state of mind that I was cutting the man's hair. It was like cutting the hair of a toddler! He wants to move around. Finally done with the hair, I started on the bushy beard. I was using a comb to pick the beard up and then clip on top of the comb. I saw this technique on u-tube and it looked like a good idea.

It was a good idea until you factor in the gum chewing man I was working on. He did stop chewing when I said "oops" and then started laughing. Everything looks pretty good .... except for his chin. He is now sporting a reverse soul patch! I didn't mean to clip it so close, really, I didn't. I have to be seen in public with this man and now everytime I look him straight in the face, I have trouble keeping the giggles from bubbling out of my mouth. 

It will grow out in no time ....


  1. He's not the first man it's happened to.

  2. So he looks like he has a balding chin? You could always tell him to wear a mask when you're in public with him!

  3. It's the gum chewing man's fault anyway!

  4. or he could just shave it all off and start over.


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