Just another mundane Monday. Moving slowly, joints popping, I ease myself down in my usual seat with my cup of wake up. I open my lap top and see that I have slept past my normal time, or rather, the canines let me sleep longer than usual. 

Everything is coming to life. Dora is tapping the side of her habitat to remind me to feed her. The dogs are in from their morning ritual and clamoring onto the sofa to see who will sit snug up against me and the lap top awakes. Instead of going straight to endless spam emails, I went to Facebook. I like to mix it up, you know. And there, in messenger is a note from our niece telling me there are in Young Harris and wondering how far away we are from there.

I nearly spit my coffee out. I didn't, lap tops are expensive and coffee is precious. Less than 30 minutes from me was my nephew, Joey and his family! I was so excited I almost woke the master of the house when I burst into song! Fortunately, Bo did not join in for a duet of sound not meant for the human ear. When Bo sings, he sounds like a woman screaming her highest soprano note. HeWho does not appreciate our combined talents.

 Just look how big the babies are!! Only 6 months old and they are both pushing 25 lbs. Those cheeks just begging for kisses. Look at those fat little arms! Such yumminess cannot be denied some Aunt Kathy kisses.

I called Whitney and they had already left on an excursion to some falls. They were hiking with the babies strapped to them! My back hurt just thinking about strapping 25 lbs on my body and walking uphill.

I swallowed my coffee and got to work cleaning house after I woke the master and told him of our impending visit. Nothing like company to force you to attend to neglected chores, is there? HeWho grabbed the broom and sort of swept the floor. Let's just say his idea of sweeping is not the same as mine, but who am I to deny him the pleasure of helping?

He offered to wash the dishes I had left from the night before, but it involved cleaning all the components of the Instapot and I thought I might be less annoyed with the job he would do if I just did it myself. I put the first load of laundry on and tackled the dishes, then the bathroom and on from there.

They didn't get here until 5 and we visited a bit and I kissed the sweet heads of my nephews and showed Whitney's older son, Easton, the creek and of course he was eager to climb down the ravine with Joey for a closer look.

We went to dinner at a mexican restaurant that opened recently. Good thing we all liked the chips and salsa, because it took quite awhile to get our food. Easton is a charming little boy and I am in awe of his curls! I had a couple of things I had picked up with him in mind. A giant blowup ball that is 31" in diameter and a slingshot. We chatted, Easton and I, and I learned he had just blown his first bubble with bubblegum. This is a momentous occasion for those of a certain age and I was properly impressed. Later, he presented me with a piece of his bubblegum. I was honored to be thought of in such high esteem!

We were at the restaurant for TWO hours! Good thing we had a lot to talk about. The babies fussed, as it was time for a bath and bed for them. All things considered they behaved pretty good. 

Josiah is very serious and solemn. They are teething and he wanted his bed! Sleep is a reprieve form gum pain.

Jonah is happy-go-lucky and has an easy smile. Baby moracas, Aunt Kathy gave them their first musical(?) instrument. Jonah got the hang of it quickly. Just look at that face!!

Karagahn, illusive and harder to catch in a photo is the big sister of the twins. All grown up, but still living at home, I doubt they will let her leave anytime soon with her capable hands with the babies! My oldest daughter was only 2 when my twins were born. She "helped", but fell short when it came to feeding and bath time. 

Karagahn was my sister's heart. The only grandchild, she was coddled and spoiled by my sister, everything in my sister's life revolved around this child. I can only imagine how proud she would have been of the twins. I can hear her in my mind, bragging about the boys. Since she is not here to spoil the babies, I will take the reins and do it for her. I am self-sacrificing like that.

I remember those days of never eating an entire meal without a baby in my arms. When the one in my nephew's lap got fussy, they would trade off like a chreographed dance move. Just think, both babies in one lap is nearly 50 lbs.! 

I am still in the afterglow of seeing a part of my family. Not to mention, my house is clean! I hope the sun makes an appearance as I am ready to play in the dirt now!


  1. Replies
    1. It was and I enjoyed every minute! Just didn't last long enough.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! There's a reason you went to Facebook instead of the spam emails. Great pictures of the whole family.

    1. I know!! I have been feeling a little down lately and this is just what I needed! I am in awe of those sweet babies. Much better than reading about my car warranty expiring!!

  3. Babies! Adorable kissable babies! My heart runneth over.

    1. They were such a nice surprise! I was so disappointed that we had to postpone our trip that would inlclude a stop at their house.


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