On The Road Again

 Day two of the trip. Sitting with my canine companions in a Walmart parking lot. HeWho drives is in the store. When we stopped last night I was looking forward to a soothing shower. No restaurants were close, so we ate sandwiches from a gas station.

I loaded some foods, but nothing that would be good for a meal. I remembered to bring the bread and peanut butter. Forgot jelly, but we did have a jar of marshmallow fluff. Plenty of water to drink, along with sodas and such were chilled in the fridge, but we forgot ice.

HeWho is in charge of hooking up power and water went out to do so and came back with the news that we would be without water. "WHY?" asked the travel weary woman. He explained the situation slowly, as if to a child. Somebody cut the end of the hose off and we can't hook up to water.

He said "somebody" like it was a mystery. It had to have been him. The real mystery is why he cut the end of the hose off. If he needs something, he thinks nothing of destroying something else to get it. Drives me crazy. So, now he is purchasing a new hose and ice. He is annoyed with me because I made him go in the store. No shower means that my hair is sticking up in odd places and I have no make-up on and I don't care that I don't know anyone here, I refuse to submit strangers to my look. This look is all for him and the dogs!

Day one of the trip encountered rain and some high winds, but skies were clear when we arrived at our first reservation. I sat with my dogs in the back and attempted a nap. I say attempted because everytime I began to doze he would pullover to use the bathroom, get gas, or just to walk around a bit. nd lets not even mention those rumble strips when you veer off the side. 

Eddie was battling diarrhea. I could hear his stomach grumbling over the sound of the engine. To his credit he waited to stop with every bout. Toni and Eddie peed at every stop. Not Bo, he was way too excited to be on stange grounds with tantilizing smells of other dog pee. Little guy held the contents of his bladder all day long. Today, Toni has Eddie's issues. She never goes inside and has been very good about waiting for us to stop.

Dora seems to have outgrown the old Tupperware cake taker lid that I have lost the bottom to. It fits nicely in the kitchen sink so I can check on her as we ride. She managed to climb out and wander around the sink and stove area. She is currently in a fish bowl that is barely big enough for her to fit in the bottom, but the sides are tall and impossible to climb. She is most unhappy with this turn of events. She ignored her night crawler when I offered it. She usually loves to chase them around in the water before enjoying her meal. She ate it sometime after we went to bed. I suppose I could plug the sink and put her normal amount of water in. It is stainless steel so no way to get a good purchase to climb out.

The roads in Kentucky are horrible and every time we hit a half filled pothole, Dora's water splashed out. At first I was afraid it was a leak in the roof. After all it was raining pretty hard. But only a drop or two hit me, causing me to look up for evidence. We park it in our carport, so a leak would not show itself until we were out of the shelter. No leaks, just Dora water.

Let's not forget, we had no water in the tanks, so even handwashing was not available in the most convenient form. Me, the one in charge of loading the neccesities remembered to put a couple of gallons of tap water on board, so we will hopefully remain salmonella free. I bathe my turtle every two weeks (no, I do use soap), HeWho seems to think this will keep us safe. Hand sanitizer to the rescue.

Night two we pulled into the campground and everything got hooked up ...... on our last trip I lost 2 earrings down the sink drain in the bathroom. Upon our return home I asked HeWho plumbs to see if they may have been caught in the trap under the sink.

Hang on, this is a process, remember we are talking about HeWho and his creative hearing. I reminded him a couple of days after we returned home. He went outside and came back after a brief interval and told me he found nothing in the trap. Okay. So then I asked if we could empty the gray tank into a bucket and see if they ended up there. He pretends not to hear me, or is just ignoring my request. I would mention it every few days.

I went out to clean the RV and get it road worthy. I scrubbed everything as well as I could without water. I looked under the bathroom sink and in the floor and everywhere an earring might land and roll into. Then, it occurred to me that everything under the sink was in order. Like I had put everything that went there and it had not been disturbed. 

This made me very suspiciuos. I went in and asked Mr. Plumber about the pipes under the BATHROOM sink. I was in the bathroom when I opened the caninet above the sink and the jewelry case fell into the sink and opened. I carefully slipped a wash cloth under the case before picking it up and then retrieving all the pieces. This was what I relayed to him before asking if he would look.

"Why are you asking about the bathroom sink," says Mr. Plumber. Once again I explained what had happened. I may have been a little impatient. This is when he told me he had checked the KITCHEN sink. If I ever wondered if he was really listening to me, I now have proof that he doesn't. He sighed deeply and went out to take the pipes apart under the BATHROOM sink. Still found nothing. Next time I took some clothes out I looked unde the kitchen sink and saw that everything under it had definitely been pulled out and put back in what looked to be a frenzy. He will never be able to be sneaky with me around.

So here we are on night two and a new hose that has not gone under the knife of "somebody". We also had some frozen meals HeWho picked up while he was buying the hose and ice. Not what you would call healthy choices. Corndogs, chicken fried chicken with gravy and a side of mac and cheese and a meatloaf meal. Nothing I would have chosen. I do not like anyone's meatloaf except mine. Vegetables seem to have been "forgotten" and I don't care for frozen mac and cheese. So ... yum! Can I help it if I am a good cook?

He offered to cook while I showered. I was so looking forward to my shower. The water smelled awful. Not like water that has a lot of minerals, you know, sulferish. This water smelled sour. Like spoiled milk or baby burp-up. It triggered my gag reflex and definitely made for a quick shower. I kept sniffing my skin to see if it smelled. 

Things need to improve!


  1. Stop trying to make us jealous of your travels, you unshowered with your sticking-up hair, feasting on gas station sandwiches, riding with diarrhea dogs, slathered with hand sanitizer! If you found those earrings and put them in, you would be so "breathtaking" that we mere mortals could not compete!

    1. I know everyone longs to be me! Those earrings are gone. When HeWho said they could have ended up in the black water tank, I declared them gone forever.


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