No Adventures on the Lake ...


Finally a sunny day! I hiked up the drive, dragging my mower behind me. I need to go pick up some cinder blocks I found on Marketplace, but first, I had to cut the grass before it got any higher. I stopped to say hello to my hibiscus and found a little friend. He is well camoflaged there on the leaf. A grasshopper stared me in the eye!

I paid full price for this black-eyed susie. It should spread and I really love them. The clearance section was pitiful. Nothing could be salvaged from all the dead plants they were still offering to sell.

So, I mowed before HeWho came up to move the boat out of the way so he could pull the trailer out. Still cool with a nice breeze, the sun had not covered that area yet. I guided HeWho drives to the tongue and trailer hitch on the boat trailer. He hooked it up and I went to grab the garden rack to pull the chocks out, but he had already pulled the boat over them. We were going to park it on the paved area off the side of the driveway. It is not level, although not nearly as steep as the drive. The previous owner had kept his boat there. This would allow plenty of room to get the trailer out.

So far everything was going well. The boat was on the pavement with the chocks behind the wheels and I turned around to continue pulling a few weeds, careful to stay out of the way of the boat and trailer .... you never know and can never be too safe, right?

I heard HeWho yell, "WATCH OUT" and turned to see that boat  moving backwards really fast! It hit the trailer and the trailer hit a tree and stopped  everything. Thank goodness for that tree. I was going to have that tree cut down! That tree saved the She Shed.

This is not good. The tongue of the cargo trailer punctured the pontoon on the right. You may recall that the seats are being done this week. I was looking forward to a maiden voyage!

It is hard to tell if the empty trailer suffered any damage, as the accident scene remains untouched. I felt sick, but HeWho is supposed to know things felt even worse.

I continued picking up some trash and pulling some weeds, thinking I would leave HeWho to mourn his boat in peace. A neighbor drove up and jumped out of his van. He had heard HeWho yell out the warning, then heard the crash and then nothing. He was afraid we were both dead under the boat. He did tell me where to get the pontoon welded. 

See where the truck is? The boat was right behind it, out of the way. I am so thankful it was sitting in a way that made it go at an angle, otherwise, my She Shed would be off its foundation. 

We took just the truck and picked up a good many cinder blocks. We passed Lake Chatuge going and coming back. I stared out my window at all the boats in the water with longing.


  1. Whew! So glad you are both safe! A boat can be repaired. That tree says, "You're welcome!"

    1. Close call for sure! It made me think of that woman behind the camper, directing her husband into a tight spot. She told him to stop, he didn't hear her and she bent down to tie her shoes and he ran over her! Or maybe he DID hear her ...... don't let Hick read this!!!!

  2. Val is correct on all points. The boat can be repaired. How kind of the neighbor to look in on you.

    1. I was surprised anyone heard us. I have never seen this particular neighbor in residence! Ironically, there is a lot of boats at his place, as someone must work on them there. They come and go. I want to say the skinny man looked older than me, but then I looked in a mirror!

  3. Yes! What they^ said. So glad you are both safe.

    1. Then I would have been the one in the hospital and HeWho would have to wait on my every need! Such a funny scenario!!


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