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This is my driveway as darkness descends. We were returning home after seeing off my nephew and his family at the restaurant and I was still in picture mode. Too many lights? More lights?

Yesterday was rainy and I was ready to get out of here for awhile. My thoughts must have leaked out into the mind of HeWho sleeps late. As soon as he awoke he got dressed and asked if we should go grocery shopping. This is code for going out to eat. His idea of grovery shopping is for me to navigate the store and fulfill my list while he lingers in the red meat section hunting supper. As soon as he locates his heart's desire he decides his leg hurts and retires to the truck to wait for me. "Take your time" is what he always says. Like I need his permission!

Monday will find us at the vascular surgeon's office to plan the next surgery for his right leg. When this leg is done, he will need another excuse to abandon me in the grocery store! That will have its own disadvantages. I will have to field questions like, "are we almost done?" "what else are you looking for?" and the ever famous "do we really need that?"

I will suggest sitting in the truck then! Since he left me to my own devices yesterday I may have bought quite a few seeds and plants I will be using today as I play in the wet dirt under the sunshine. Not long ago I took 5 planters that are the dimensions of window boxes and built a frame much like a ladder and attached the planters with a slight tilt forward. This is going on the porch and I am planting herbs in it.

I can wrap the backside in plastic, then make a "door" with more plastic, hinged at the bottom to open it when I need to tend to the plants or harvest a few herbs to cook. HeWho had that dumb confused look on his face when I tried to explain what I was doing. Yes, he managed to get out of helping with that project.

I found some planter kits on clearance yesterday. Each contains six plugs ready to plant. I got basil, but that was all they had left of what I was looking for. I found some seeds, not many left this time of year. I managed to get rosemary, parsley and dill. Lettuce and spinach should do nicely. Then I saw a package of seeds for baby cabbage. I read the back of the packet and learned that this would make smaller heads of cabbage that weren't as tightly packed as normal cabbage. We will see.

And now my coffee cup is empty and I am fully awake and ready to get my old clothes on and get my hands in some dirt! Pictures might be taken ...


  1. I like the lights. It looks like a place where fairies would want to hang out.

    1. Exactly what I am going for! I have some gnomes and fairies and many accessories to be placed beside some big trees ... assumng I will ever be finished.

  2. I agree with Val, that's a fairy garden waiting to happen. I hope the herb planter goes well, I can picture it in my mind. People here make similar things and hang them on garden walls.

  3. Can't make it stop, so might as well embrace it!

  4. I had a kamper once who tried to convince me to use more "found" objects to decorate the garden with. While I appreciate her enthusiasm, I rejected the hubcaps she had gathered in her travels. Same for the wine bottles she thought would be charming as a border to my flowers. I told her it wasn't the look I was going for on the hubcaps and the glass wine bottles would be a hazard should they break. Actually, in a business setting, you have to be ever careful about safety hazards, it will effect your insurance rates.


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