Two Cup Kind Of Day

 I woke in a good mood. Feeling better after resting for two days. I just brewed a second cup of coffee, as this will be a two cup kind of day.

On May 20th I recieved a text from Walmart telling me a package had been delivered. Nothing too unusual about that. I find it easier to order some things on line, as opposed to actually going to the store. The store carries the items, but are sometimes out of stock. I order all of our over the counter supplements, dog food and such on line. Easier than making a list (that I sometimes forget to even look at in the store) and forgetting to pick up.

When I looked around all the likely places and could not find the package that had been confirmed to be delivered and could not find it, I made a mental note to look again the next day. Never found, I would remember it at the oddest times (remember, I sometimes lay awake unable to sleep).

I got another notification yesterday. Walmart has an exclusive contract with FedX, or so says the usual driver who is quite chatty. When I could find no package yesterday, it suddenly occured to me that the problem was not with Walmart, it was with FedX. I remember our driver telling me he would be on vacation for awhile while he took some classes to learn how to administer dialysis to his relative. This means a substitute would be taking over in his absence.

My address is Pounding Mill CREEK. There is also Pounding Mill Road, Terrace, Circle, Loop, etc. In order to deliver, the truck has to back down my drive and I always hear it. The dogs are so accustomed to the FedX truck that they no longer bark. If I am not outside, the driver will open the door to the porch and place the package on the porch. UPS will put packages on the steps and leave them to the ravages of weather. We bought an oversized mailbox for USPS that can hold most everything coming that way.

This morning, while partaking of my first cup of coffee, I attempted to rectify the problem. I tried to contact FedX. I must have been having a fit of sheer lunacy. Everytime (and there were SIX of them) I would get to the point of speaking to an actual person, I was denied that opportunity. My blood pressure is up now.

I did speak to someone at Walmart, mistakenly thinking they would be allowed to communicate with FedX, since I was not allowed (obviously). I know what happened. My packages are now in the hands of someone else whose street # matches mine, but on the wrong street. Since a lot of the people out here come only on weekends or even less than that, the mistake has not been discovered at the wrong address.

From what I was told by the representative (or associate, as Walmart prefers to refer to the worker bees there) that they are not allowed to contact FedX, either!! The only thing they can do is issue a refund and then lodge a formal complaint against FedX for someone in management to deal with.

Problem solved? Not really as I have more packages, including special order dogfood for Eddie who is allergic to chicken. The problem could be solved easily if I could speak to someone at the FedX transfer center in my area. so, I will be accepting refunds and looking for a different avenue to obtain my dogfood. Am I happy? No, I am not. Not even this second cup of coffee will appease me! Today will find me in my gardens.


  1. I only have this problem getting hold of my pharmacy, and I find a great work around in pressing 0. This won't work for the FedX transfer center, thoughl

    1. The only way to be able to talk to a person is to have the magic tracking code. Thought I did, but they tell me (the robo voice on the phone) it is invalid. But, Walmart refunded the contents of the package that was never found. Stay tuned for the Home Depot story!

  2. I have given up ordering anything online except for a few groceries I send to my son's home, there are seven people living there, so I help out when I can with non perishables like extra toilet paper.

    1. I was never an ordering person until Covid forced my hand. Discovering that I could have things delivered at no cost made me rethink this. So much easier to have a delivery man heave the heavy stuff into the porch than carrying it myself.

  3. well, that sucks. can you visit the FedEx center? we've not had any trouble but then there's only one street with this name, however a UPS driver was trying to deliver our package to the house across the street once where no one was home. Marc went out to get the package and the driver argued with him even though both the houses have the street number on the house in plain sight. we did get our package after Marc pointed to the wrong numbers on the house.

  4. My neighborhood is very confusing and the homes are far apart with no rhyme or reason for the number sequence. We attempted to locate the other address that shares the same house number but got lost! Our road is paved, but the road on Lane (as opposed to Creek) was more of a bumpy trail and the house numbers would jump from two digits to three and the lack of signage made it even more difficult. Working in a fabric chain was an eye opener as to just how bad illiteracy is in our country. I can only assume the guy couldn't read!


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