A Very Big Brain

 Mr. BoJangles, the cute dog. Yes, I am sleeping. Mom likes to sneak up and take my picture. Remember, I told you I am quite photogenic, even when I sleep!

Mom and Dad left us last night to go eat wings and play Bingo. They left me in charge, it was my turn. Us dogs snoozed while they were gone and I am happy to report that we did not pee anywhere inside, not even on the pee pad Mom left in the hall! Mom rained kisses on all us dogs. I was in charge and thought I deserved all the kisses, the other two, not so much.

We were outside a lot yesterday and I took note that Mom seems to have fallen behind in her poop scooping duties. We all noticed that it is getting harder to find a good spot in our yard ...... Mom says that us dogs sure do make a lot of poop and she wished it had market value. I am not sure what she means.

I have heard her say the same thing about dog hair. Mom is very confusing.

Mom says she is going upstairs to work in her She Shed today. She said she would like to take Eddie to keep her company, but she is still afraid those mean dogs might come up there. She should take all of us dogs and we could fight those dogs off! I am very brave, but Toni and Eddie say they have no desire to meet the dogs that killed our cat. Cowards!!

Mom told Dad she wouldn't even consider taking me or Toni Louise with her! She said we are escape artists and she has no intention of chasing us through the woods and is afraid we would get ticks on us. I don't think I have ever met a tick. Toni assured me that I don't want to, they suck out your blood. So, are ticks the vampires of the insect world? 

Mom wonders how such a little dog can have so many thoughts. My little head is deceiving in size, because my brain is very big!


  1. I like hearing from the doggie point of view.

    1. It is kind of scary that I am able to wiggle down into the mind of an animal. I confess that I do have conversations with them and I NOW they understand me!

  2. Through your ear, I can almost see your large brain idling while your rest it. Congrats on being a good pee-holder and in-charger.

  3. I leave my ears in the "open" setting and I am always plotting! Never do I want Mom digging in my ears like she does Eddie's. I am far too special to be annoyed by unnessesary procedures!


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