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In case you were wondering what I could be up to while The Patient was recovering ....... I searched online for containers for my dry goods that matched. Mind you, I was not prepared to spend a lot of money on them.

I had lots of clear plastic containers I had harvested over the years, along with some glass ones. Glass would be preferable, as I think it might keep things fresher. On the other hand, my hands are not as capable as they used to be and when you drop one, it is more likely to shatter. That would mean losing a container as well as the contents. Not many of the ones I had collected were the smae size. Some were round and most were square. They took up more space than the new ones and space is at a premium here.

I searched and searched. I found some likely candidates on one site, they were a little over $1 each and weren't exactly what I wanted, but I made a mental note and continued with my search. After all, it was a quiet activity and I couldn't very well leave the house. The Patient might be an adult, but he is prone to bad judgement and very weak. I didn't want to return home and find him fallen on the floor and unable to get up.

I didn't want round type canisters. There is always wasted space with those. Rectangles are the best, you can fit them side by side and one in front of the other without sacrificing space. Found them on Walmart's site. 20 of them for less than a dollar a piece! They came with labels and a chalk pen, too.

The wall cabinet they are in is only 6" deep. Not much space in front of them and they filled the cabinet. I am quite pleased with my organizational skills.

I could use 10 more, but they are sold in lots of 20. They have snap on lids and are easy to open and make a nice seal when closed. Even after I have the kitchen remodeled, I will still have a need for shallow cabinets and these will be used no matter.

Good way to kill time while waiting for The Patient to come back to life. 


  1. Ooh! They look great! Like you're a professional organizer.

    1. They do look nice, don't they? Maybe in my next life I will be a professional organizer!

  2. I would love such a cabinet where I could store my containers of stuff, but my collection of containers is different styles and sizes so it still wouldn't look as neat. Yours looks great!

    1. Walmart is where I found these, not in the store, but online. $19.99 and free shipping.

  3. Those look great! Do you think they will keep out pantry moths?


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