The Rest Of The Story

 I will pick up the rest of the story for Bo. Oh, this is Toni Louise.

So, as you know by now, my man human came home from the hospital. He was so crabby! He did not appreciate my attempts to greet him. I tried to give him a big kiss, so I jumped into his lap and he acted like I stabbed him or something. Lady human came quickly and lifted me down to the floor and told me that my master still had a lot of pain and to try and stay out of his lap!

To add insult to injury, he has a bag of stuff hanging from a tube that is coming out of his belly! I just wanted to investigate that bag and see what was in it and lady human yelled at me!

I showed her, I hid behind man human's chair where she couldn't get to me. I could still hear, though. Eddie sat in her lap and Bo sat beside her while they all chatted and watched TV until we went to bed.

Man human reverts to childhood when he is sick. He moans and groans and lady human runs hither and thither to bring him whatever he wants. Lady human said he was needy. I was staying away from all of them. My feelings were still hurt from my master's rejection.

The next morning I heard lady human tell man human that she wanted to check his wound after he swallowed his morning pills. Wound? I heard the humans talking about wounds our cat, Martha, suffered from those mean dogs. Does this mean that some dogs were to blame for that bag and that tube? I get confused sometimes.

But, this is the good part: Right after she said that she yelled "Eddie, what did you do!!" Eddie came out of the room looking guilty and Bo hid. Bo hid so well that I couldnt even find him! Lady human was all in a tizzy. I listened as she looked around for something. I stayed away so she wouldn't see me and think I was guilty, too. Eddie was not in his favorite place, but sitting in the kitchen floor.

Eddie told me that he didn't bite the bag and tear it open, he said he found it like that. He was thinking of wallowing in the contents of that bag. Us dogs like to do that, you know. Find stuff that smells bad and get it all over us. Can't really say why, just our instinct.

So, if I didn't do it and Eddie didn't do; we all know who did! There are only three dogs and a turtle in this house. Dora, the turtle can't escape her habitat  (this was a new word for me, but I figured it out after hearing lady human talk about it so much). That leaves Mr. BoJangles!

This is what Eddie and I have concluded after our extensive investigation. We conducted this investigation after lady human loaded man human in the car and headed back to the hospital, leaving me in charge this time! Sometime during the night while everyone else was sleeping, Bo jumped gently to the floor and went under the bed and chewed the bottom of the nasty bag open and let the contents run out on the floor.

When we interrogated Bo, he confessed! Lady human has always said that Bo is 60% demon and this proves it! And he calls himself the cute one! Looks can be decieving, you know!

Oh, I have forgotten to mention what lady human did to me! One day, totally unexpected, she picked me up and was talking to me in her sweet voice (this is always a clue that she is up to something I won't like) and suddenly I could hear buzzing. SHE CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR.

This is not a good look for me! I hate the sweater, but I was cold!!


  1. Thank you Toni Louise. I'm sorry you had an unexpected haircut, but there must have been a reason for it. Perhaps your mum will explain. I'm glad to hear your dad is getting well now.

    1. Oh, she told me why she was giving me a short haircut. Number one: I was itching and the long hair made it hard to get the medicine on my itches. Number two: Lady human is tired of vacuuming up all my hair. Now I look like a stray dog that nobody loves!

  2. I love it when your dogs blog for you. I love them all. I haven't warmed up to the turtle yet; cold-blooded creatures aren't my favorite.

    1. Dora has an amazing personality. I think she has hypnotized lady human! I still would like to play with her and hold her in my mouth just to see what she might taste like. If turtles taste like peanut butter or popcorn, she is in danger!

  3. Hope things get back to normal for all of you soon.

  4. You look like you've just seen yourself in the mirror, Toni Louise! That color is flattering on you, but I can understand how you don't cotton to wearing a sweater. Hopefully things will get back to a regular routine. I'm sure nobody meant to hurt your feelings. People worry, and can be brusque when under stress. That's a new word for you to think about while you grow your hair back.

    1. I am happy to tell you that my hair is growing quite fast! Lady Human did help me get that sweater off and I am growing to like my new short cut!


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