Baby Butts!


Let's talk about the cuteness of baby butts! I am totally smitten with these boys! My arms feel empty now that we are home.

Tiny little feet and toes!

Josiah and Jonah. Not identical, but still hard to tell apart unless you are looking directly at their faces. Precious little bundles of love. I had such a good time getting to know them and their Mom.

We left here early last Tuesday and stopped at the surgeon's office in Gainesville. The Patient was relieved of his unwanted appendage (aka: Nasty Bag). He looked so scared sitting on the edge of the exam table waiting for the surgeon. He was anticipating much pain to accompany the withdrawal of the drainage tube. He was surpised that nothing hurt and we were soon on our way south.

He was still not eating much and I was a little worried as we hurtled down the road. Going through the mountain was an experience in the back of the RV, with the dogs. He took one curve a little too fast and I ended up in the floor! It is easier to hold on in the front seat!

HeWho drives was very tired when we reached our destination the first night. He slept well and was refreshed in the morning, so we left his sister's house in Perry and headed to my nephew's house in Pearson.

He napped while I cuddled babies! After his nap, he left with our niece to get food for everyone and then proceeded to eat an entire quart of egg drop soup! That is more food than I have seen him eat since before his leg surgery. His appetite is back and he is more alert now. He feels so much better and I am so relieved.

This is my niece, the big sister of the the twins and best helper of their mom! 

I am ready to go back, but I might need to have some time with the laundry first. Plus needing to reschedule the other leg for The Patient. He will also need to schedule an appendectomy in about a month. Yes, he will need an appendectomy, even though they are pretty sure that is where the abcess came from. They need to remove whatever is left of it and send it to pathology to make sure it is not cancerous. That's a cheery thought!

So, it looks like I am not finished nursing The Patient just yet. That's okay, I have always been in it for the long haul, no matter what!


  1. Cuteness times two! Maybe you can schedule some fun in between each medical procedure?

  2. I'm so relieved HeWho seems better. That's a good start to a long haul left!

    1. I was so happy his appeite is back and he is sleeping less. It was lonely here with just me and the animals!

  3. Oh the babies!! The cuteness. I love them. My own twin grand daughters are eight months old already. Where does the time go? Good to hear your man is getting better although there are still surgeries to be gone through.

    1. I am totaly smitten with them. So very sweet, nothing better than the weight of an infant in your arms! They are one month old today!

  4. What a pair of cuties! The feet are my favorite part of a baby. Good for HeWho, chugging that quart of soup! Hope he gets healed and fattened-up before the next surgery.

    1. The babies are amazing! Their mom has three other boys, so there was none of that first baby fear. Josiah looks like my nephew and Jonah looks like, well I don't know who just yet. Josiah was the baby whose placenta ruptured. He has a few things going on with him. He has a club foot (my Jeffrey had that, too), is tongue tied, and a heart murmur. They feel like the heart murmur will go away as he grows. They will clip his tongue next appointment if he has continued to thrive, and the foot can be fixed without any surgery. He weighed 8 pounds when I was there, so the thriving has already been established. Now, if I can control the urge to buy matching outfits, like can go on!


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