Feeling Sentimental

 I have been so sick for almost seven days now. I am dutifully swallowing the Tamiflu morning and night. Drinking fluids and eating very little. I am still coughing almost non-stop, but the headache that plagued me in the beginning will succumb to Tylenol. I have not been able to sleep. Just little dozes between fits of coughing. I am dizzy and nauseous and very irritable.

It has been raining and dreary and I am stuck in this inadequate square footage with a man oblivious to the most obvious things. Yesterday was just awful. I decided I might be able to sleep and I went to take a nap. With a stack of three pillows elevating my head (aka: the snot factory) I was able to sleep for about 4 hours. That is the longest continuous stretch of sleep I have gotten since I got sick.

Sleep deprivation makes me less than pleasant to be around. So, why would you want to argue with me when I am explaining your misuse of my kitchen equipment? I don't want to be cranky any more than I want to be sick.

HeWho would tell you that he waits on me hand and foot, has been very gracious about obtaining our daily food. He is willing to jump up and go get take-out of whatever my heart desires. My heart desires sleep, not food. Last night he trekked up to the Ingles and purchased a chicken pot pie. Sounded good and I did eat and enjoy it.

So, you might ask, what is the problem? He used my double layered cookie baking sheet to place the pie on to cook it. I have so very many cooking sheets that are inexpensive that would be a better choice. I was unaware of his choice of pan until after the deed was done and the kitchen looked like the beginning of a crime scene. I shuffled past the mess on my way to bed, but when I got up at 3 am, I took note of my now warped cookie sheet.

I considered saying nothing, but, that would leave the second pan open to misuse. I said to the man, "You used my cookie baking sheet under the pot pie last night." He seemed unconcerned and said, "Oh, I wasn't supposed to?" I answered that I only use those sheets for cookie baking and then he asked what difference it made. I was trying to explain that by putting a relatively small, but heavy object in the middle of the pan, it warped.

He repeated the word warped like he thought I was exxagerating, so I picked up the pan and showed it to him. "Oh, it will come back." says HeWho is a know it all. (Come back from where, the pan did not GO anywhere). He told me to "bend it back".

I wanted to bend it back, alright! On his head! I was merely trying to explain why I didn't want that cookie sheet used by him. Maybe I did try to explain in my sarcastic voice like I was explaining something to a simpleton, but all he had to do was say he didn't know, won't do it again, and indulge me by listening to my explaination.

His life would be easier if he just nodded in agreement sometimes. I did a little research on the Tamiflu. I was curious about the side effects. Insomnia, nausea, dizziness lead the pack and I have everyone of them. Took the last pill today. I am better, but not well. Instead of feeling sentimental, I am feeling sort of mental.


  1. I think down the line you should be able to have HeWho doesn't know how to handle your supplies buy you new baking sheets.

    1. buying new ones is not the issue, it is the fact that he could have asked me if he should use the sheet. I have a heavy duty one that has a generous lip around it that I use all the time for pies. He just doesn't pay attention. He was trying to be helpful and as much as I appreciate his efforts .....

  2. I had that grunge for four solid weeks. The day I drank a quart of water it started improving.

  3. I hope you start to get much better soon. I think maybe you should hide the cookie sheets or label them somehow. With a written tag on the shelf perhaps.

    1. Maybe he should just pay attention or ask quaestions. I felt better this morning, so I went ahead and cleaned out my fridge and made a casserole and soup that will be easy to heat up. Feel like crap again and still coughing now.

  4. Sorry about your warping. I agree that HeWho should buy you (allow you to buy for yourself!) a new baking sheet. Go back to the doctor if you're not getting better! I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia in February, because I kept waiting to get better. Dizziness, nausea, lack of appetite, and not sleeping were my main symptoms, but with a fever that hovered around 100.4 for two weeks. I didn't have the snot factory, though.

  5. My low grade fever is gone. I just have no energy and still coughing. I did sleep last night and that helped a lot. The warp in the pan broke the seal between the two layers and water seeped in while I was scrubbing the pan, I got mad all over again! I have been listening to my own lungs and so far I am okay. The new surgery date is only 5 days away and we don't want to miss out on this great fun!

  6. Sorry to hear the flu hit you so hard. It's amazing how much snot the body can produce. I used to tease my male guide buddies on how to get along with women, just two words I told them...'yes, dear'.


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